To trust others is dangerous to me , this goes for loving others as well.I could say this stems from way back in them playground days where you could catch me sitting under that striped maple tree being that anti-social kiddo , trying to decide which of the others i should stay away from and which ones could be trusted as a friend..only bad part is that sometimes "time" is the only way to truly find out who a person is or isn't what you thought they were. Karma will come full circle undoubtedly!

It isn't suprising that i'm weary about others cause, somehow i've seemed to pick the most toxic people since them dodgeball days.There has to be a higher power at work to have put me in these difficult life lesson type situations , let's just pray that higher power guides me to something more powerfull in 2009.I have to give props to my buddy matt for commin' along when you did and bringin' positivity my way..even though i've been in this slump since whatsherface you mos definately have been helpin, thanks a bunch yo!

 B-day's on the rise

 My amazing sister just had her second child this morning! and i am now and uncle 2x over :)

 My best friend Dinyel and i don't talk as much as i would like

 The phone no longer rings the way it once did

 I haven't picked up my camera in almost 3 weeks

 I want a family of my own

Here are some of the last shots i have taken around oakland

Oh and you out there in fremont..thanks for being such a fan of mine!

much appriciated