Things have been turning up for me these days and i'm very happy inside.I'm back doin my thing out in the street and i'm more than happy with the results of my recent ventures.I have a amazing new supportive sidekick in my life and i am very blessed to be so lucky.

I'm also strongly considering going back home for a few days for the holidays thanks to my bestest friend dinyel,who i miss very dearly along with my close friends and fam.

I would love nothing more than to hit the streets of illtown once again with my buddy rocco and see what i can come up with.I also am putting some finishing touches on Vol .2 of my caught in the scramble book series that should be out and available for purchase no later than the first of the year!

thanks as always and never forget to count your blessings.

- East Oakland

- Canon Rebel XT

- f 1.4 50mm

- iso 400


Dream Big!