The past 2 days have been very stressful at work and i've been more concerned with losing my job more than ever.Although i do know deep down that things will be alright and i will make it thru this tough time, it just makes me wonder what time has in store for me next.I'm busy wrapping and packing tonight for my trip back home friday hoping i don't spend to much time delayed in some airport or sitting next to that the smelly guy on the plane like ever other time i fly.

Funny thing tonight,

I was getting off bart at the oakland coliseum with my ipod full blast lost in my own world (as usual) ..and without me hearing a damm thing, serveral shots were fired and people started running and ducking down on the ground and i didn't think anything of it.Ahh Oakland.. i should to be more aware of my surroundings from now on.

On a lighter note it's almost christmas! and i hope that everyone has an amazing holiday with thier loved ones.

Here are some clicks from the second volume of my book

Merry christmas and have a happy new year!