Tonight i put aside my after work routine of eating healthy shit and spending 2+ hours at the gym tryin to get my fat self in shape. instead, i sat on my ugly ass couch and watched Barack speak to the world while suckin down a few pacifico's.

I am very happy to say that i voted for this man and i believe that he will be our next president and do amazing things for this country.

Although only time will tell how well he sticks to his word ,i have nothing but high hopes that he will make that difference and he will make that change.I kinda wished i went to the parkway theater to watch it with fellow supporters but,i didn't have the motivation tonight. It was pretty warm today and it kinda sucked out all of my energy otherwise i would have been there.

After watching him it reminded how important i am in this world and how short life can be.It is a very monumental time to be alive right now and as i watched the crowd in the mile high stadium i saw so many little kids on the shoulders of their fathers with their families and between them and Obama it made me cry.

I have always been so self-less and it's time to make a change in me and my world.Time to network and get my photography out to more than just the bay area , time to pull my dreams close to my heart and find out where i want to plant my feet or where i don't , time to get over my fears and insecurities and let people into my life instead of shying away from interaction.

 I'm gonna take a nice long vacation soon so i can clear my head a bit and look inside to see if i can find out where to go now that my life's plans have changed.

Starting from scratch couldn't be anymore difficult but, i know that god has his strange ways and i have to respect that.

this image was taken this time last year on one of the most memorable trips of my life.

-the big island of Hawaii 07'