The emotions i feel when i'm out wandering the streets is difficult to explain. Most of my work consists of abstract objects, cityscapes and architecture but, once and awhile i capture a few of the many souls that pass me by as i take a break from my hustles through the alleys and neighborhoods. Now i am not by any means a good portrait taker but, there are just moments in time that i witness from these strangers that have such an effect on me.

This past Saturday i spent more than 9 hours walking countless city blocks in San Francisco and capturing a record 2000+ images. I had to get away from Oakland for the weekend since i lost my heart there over a week ago. I definitely use my photography as a means of relieving pain or sadness or even stress.

These images are ones that made me think about the things that i truly dream of. Not the most incredible images from that day in my opinion but, it is more about how that moment in time effected me. 

"I want a little me that i can buy Polaroids for"