Right now is the most beautiful morning i have known since being in Oakland,

Once the windows were opened and the warm air hit my face i couldn't be more happy with the end to a beautiful weekend that completely changed my outlook on my life here in the east bay.

Sadness got a hold of me recently and i thought that i would leave a lot sooner than later because i couldn't stomach the memories of the past that i have shared here....it was just too overwhelming but, luckily i am john coyne and i can put my pain aside go out and enjoy my life and see what it has to offer me, and so i did.

I did the art & soul festival Saturday and Sunday this year because i met a guy at the Latin stage that wanted me to work some shots for the performances. His name is Theo Williams and he is a really dope producer for Culture 360 a center for the arts.

In between sets on stage i would wander around the streets and vendors and see people i know ,meet people i don't ,pop off some hip shots and enjoy some deep fried Twinkies and BBQ. I had an amazing time and it re-vitalized my outlook on this beautiful place i live and it couldn't have come at a better time, cause i was loosing hope in Oakland.I wil post more about my perfect weekend soon but, for now i have hundreds of photos to look over so i can share them you all of you!

love life & godbless