By now you all have noticed that i have been using this site to not only showcase my passion of photography but, my thoughts as well.I always had the intention of using it for that ....because i could be "professional" and just show my work but, my work is my life and my life consist of experiences and thoughts too.

Most who visit don't pay much attention to my words and strictly focus on my photos which is fine because i tend to write in a encryptic way that leaves key personal info out so not many understand what it is exactly I'm talking about. I can't apologize for that for the reason being that it's my site to do what i want with and i'll write what ever it is that is on my mind!

Na, but for real i wanted to write about last weekend and the people that i spent time with. I met up with Matt Walsh and his buddy Trevor for some beers and laughs in Dolores park in San Francisco. I also met with a couple that he stays with and their little baby girl cali and was asked to take some photos of them.

I thought it to be funny at first cause i've never really shot a baby on a swing before... and after a few clicks it struck a chord in my heart because it was another reminder of how much i want one of my own to push on the swings and make silly faces at.