Today while shooting i found myself watching people instead of the usual abstract things i tend to.I don't know if i will ever figure out people and why they do what they do.I watched people holding hands,hugging each other,kissing,smiling and laughing.

I also watched people arguing,waving their hands at each other,yelling,cursing and even heard a man say to a woman that he hated her before crossing the street into a taxi cab (see photo below). Life is a lesson and it hurts like hell , we say things we don't mean, we don't always appriciate how precious we are to each other and at the end of the day as long as we admit our faults and know the love we have for each other is stronger than our misunderstandings than the sky is the limit.

Sometimes people will not understand what you value and i know this through experiance but, i don't give up easily and neither should any of you. Love is the most incredible force in the universe and i will never let it go.

I had a bit of a breakdown on the bart ride home while watching a deaf couple sign to each other because even though i don't know sign language, i understood.By the time they got off in west oakland they had worked everything out and were going home happy and just as in love as they have always been.

The bay area has been very kind to me and i love it like back home but, if i were to leave would anything pull me back because of the person i am or would i be let go cause of the person i have been?