So i say a little morning prayer before i get out of bed which is normally saved for evenings and before i eat. Today was an Oakland Sunday by any means and it's something that isn't easy and isn't as fun while doing it all stag but, i digress...

And there i am eating my cinnamon french toast with the scrambled eggs and coffee near the lake at rolling dunes. I finish up as quickly as possible cause it felt like they were trying to get me out since i was at a table for 2 and there was a line to sit and eat. The sun was begging me to get to the laney flea market and so i did and spent about 3 hours there stopping to enjoy some fresh fruit and picking up a new pair of socks all the find out i parked in a no parking zone which landed me a $50 ticket courtesy of the city of Oakland!

But, what once would have made me mad this time around didn't seem to bother me much so, i hopped in my car and decided to cut across town and return some stuff i got at the rock ridge mall in pleasanton and ran into E-40 signing autographs at the t-mobile stand which i thought was funny. After that i came home and decided on hopping on bart and riding my bike down telegraph for some pizza and beer at lanesplitters , it was so nice of them to give me the coldest slice in the place and the tip reflected my gratitude!...jerks!

then i rode down to the vibe lounge to see the owner about hanging my work there as she offered me to do so weeks ago.

and now here i am about to go to bed and all i have is this lousy photo of the mac aurthur bart to show for it!

enjoy ,

good night, good morning & godbless