"We are only as good as the people that we associate ourselves with"- jjc

that might have been said by someone else more prolific than john coyne and thats ok cause i have no record of it comming from some book or great speech or Nobel peace prize winner, either way i believe it to be true and am thankful that tonight i have decided to spend some time with the best company i could ask for....myself!

I have been working very hard this past week and studied even harder and even though i have eliminated alcohol from my diet very recently, Tonight i mos definitely deserve a bottle of my favorite peenot greegeo along side some terrific pasta and beats by Nicolay.

i'll leave you all tonight with a few snaps taken more than 2 years ago when everything in the bay was so new to me and love was something only in my dreams.

Don't ever let fear get in your way of your dreams...as long as you believe you can do anything!

till then