An early night tonight...i really hate when i hype up a situation i'm truly excited about and it turns out all sour.

Hit a new mexican spot round 6:00 then realized i was flying solo after i hung up the phone and it was over to telegraph to fight the murmur crowd near rock paper scissors. I don't think that all the dramatic hipster extreme art crazies ever really bothered me but, tonight they made me wish i had a 9mm instead of my 5D. I think because it was my first time going stag and usually i'm so happy with my company that none of that seems to phase me. I mean you can't even look at any of the art cause it's like a sweaty overpacked rave in every gallery and there is a ton of oaklanders that don't bathe so it makes for a intresting symphony for the nose!

Either way i made the best of it and headed down to west grand and sat in the medium in between traffic and watched projected indie clips on the side of a building for about 45 mins..checked out a few more sweatshop galleries and then headed down to the museum to catch the rest of runners high at the sunset cinema.

Sometimes i think it would be great if i was this incredibly good looking guy and everyone wanted to be a friend so i would have people to share my company with but, as soon as i think about it those are exactly the people i don't want to be around.

cause there only in my company cause of the outs  and not  whats in. If they only new how great i am!

but, for now more art murmurs for me!  

Rarely any photographers showing work there anyways..sometimes i don't think oakland has love for us photogs

there always tommorrow!