I'm sittin' here geekin' out on a saturday night rendering video files , editing photos ect..ect.. and i wanted to post a little something about a scene i have followed pretty religiously for the past few years. It must have been back in 05' i started finding all these insanely talented cats from Seattle on myspace. Now, i love east coast hip hop and the Cali has a grip of talent as well but, wow the northwest has a stronghold on the hip hop something crazy. I think i stumbled over Macklemore & Kublikai first then Symmetry & Ryan Lewis and after that it was one talented soul after another. So, basically i wanted to write this to drop some names, pay my respects and enlighten others who aren't aware of some of what the 206 has to offer.

I won't be posting any of my work in this entry, instead links to all the incredible people that i want my readers to check out. Here is The Fake Empire Video project Featuring Macklemore and many others, produced by Ryan Lewis 09'.

 And these next two short videos are from the making of  "The Town" by Macklemore

Produced by Zia Mohajerjasbi who has recently become my new favorite videographer.

 I really love sharing other peoples work thur my site and i hope you all enjoy me taking a break from posting my work for the sake of these hard working individuals.

They inspire me and i hope they do the same for you.

Here's some links to other Seattle folk that i dig.


Common Market                  Ryan Lewis                Zia Mohajerjasbi             

Blue Scholars                      Johnny Valencia          Sabzi   

Kublikai                               Jason Koenig              Grynch

Grieves                               Macklemore                Symmetry


sorry for the long post but, it had to be done

night yall