Today, was part great day ... part not so great day.I had a slow start and was feelin' a lil' groggy from friday night (stayed up way too late) rushed over to SF to meet with two very amazing people who i could not complete my book without. Mike Boo bay area Turntablist/Scratch maniac and Jenn Porreca an epic folklore artist who are such good people and i am blessed to know them both.These people are complete inspirations to me and i so badly wanted to spend more of my day with them.Jenn! can we make plans to kick it again?

Afterwards, i was to meet up with Vanae Tran who is an amazing source of positivity and inspiration thru her self/relationship help.She holds her degree in Communication and Psychology and thru the power of networking i stumbled over her channel on you tube and thought she could bring alot to the project.Unfortunately, I spread myself just a little to thin and missed my appointment.I hope to still have her as a part.

A february afternoon in Oakland California

thank you everyone for being a part of my life.

You mean alot more than you know.


stay blessed