I've been listening to alot more peaceful electronic music lately...waldek,dntel,beth orton,frost,alias & tarsier,

dj krush,ebtg,milosh,costansa,josh wink.

It's nothing new to me but, sometimes i get so wrapped up in hip hop that i forget that my background in the early 90's was always a strong mix of skinny puppy,frontline assembly,ministry & einsturzende neubauten.

I just have a thing for a strong synth/beats plus piano chords along side some beautiful female vocals! (nothing beats a womans voice to set your mind at ease)

from early industrial to late 90's D&B ..i've always been a fan.it's good to take it back sometimes and open up some old memories and thoughts.

Kinda makes me wanna hop an Amtrak with headphones tightly wrapped around my head thinking the days away and not looking back.

Jack london square


Early 08'