I spoke with my mom again today after she drove herself to the hospital.My sister has alot of weight on her shoulders and i feel like i can't do anything at all 3500 miles away.I love my family and most can't relate to what i have currently going on in my life and that's what makes it hard.At times i wish i had never left jersey for the things i have lost and not being there to say bye.

scared would be safe to say,

i feel like i abandoned my family and put my wants in front of their needs.

and with that being said i'll stop bringing you down with my current mindstate.

Everything always has a way getting better and i know it will..

This shot of Max MacVeety of the Crown City Rockers was taken the same day i grabbed the shots for caughtinthescramble vol.2

He's a good guy and as well i'm honored to have him in the book.

night ya'll