Last weekend was one to remember.. filled with first time meets with some very talented contributions to my project.Sabac Red is a rapper and former member of the New York hip-hop assembly Non Phixion and it was a true honor to finally get the opportunity to link up with him, Sabac brought with him DJ D-FI and I.Shiek the two members of Revolution of the mind , an amazingly talented concious hip hop duo straight out the bay and i strongly suggest you pick up that rebel rap album it might open your eyes a bit.


Myself and Vanae finally connected after a few missed tries and we spent a very nice afternoon walkin,talkin and shootin...she's super driven, madd smart and i am greatful to have a new friend who makes such a beautiful contribution to the book.I don't think that my ol' 5D ever looked so good.


I'm about halfway done and i love how things have been goin so far.

good things ahead!