I would really like for this journal entry to motavate anyone who reads it to comment on it with your opinion or your own experiances..i kinda need someones thoughts on what i want to do.

I have been sort of a walking contradiction in the past year or so meaning, that when i moved to oakland i was convinced this is where i would stay.I have bounced back and forth thru thoughts and writing about how i want to stay here and then how i want to leave here.This is a mixture of relationships,experiances and something in me that knows i was meant to get out and see more of what life has to offer.

So, last night while laying on the couch and trying to sleep listening to the rain i remembered why i haven't left yet.It's fear....fear of not knowing, fear of failure, fear of not having the stability that i currently posess.Leaving the states and finding myself traveling abroad meeting new people ,opening my mind more, doing a little soul searching is where im at right now. I would appriciate some feedback from my readers/lookers on what you would do or what you think i should do.

I could just let go of everthing, up and leave and see where life takes me..or i could go thru each day dreaming of the possibilities.


afterall , it is the year of change right?