Got the opportunity to link again with San Francisco stand-up comedian/writer Ali Wong.She's great people and i'm glad to have her in my project not to mention this girl is hilarious!

She's doin her thing tommorrow night at Punchline and if it's not already sold out ..i highly recommend checkin it out!

You can peep her out at Ali Wong Dot Com

I was also blessed to meet up with the one and only KFlay.

Who Is an amazing singer/songwriter/rapper...She breaks boundries with her introspective lyrics and talent.

Currently in the lab working on a release and has callab'ed with del , zoin I and many others.

Keep an eye on this girl!



Sunday, i met up with Danny Prokopos who is a very talented up and comming jiu jitsu intsuctor.

He is also affiliated with the HHCF (hip hop chess federation) and promises to be one of the most incredible in his field.You can read more on him here

All in all a very productive weekend and i'm so happy to be doing what i'm doing.


I'm so blessed