Last weekend was perfect,

The weather was spectacular and i finally had the opportunity to link with sucka free's finest miss Melina Jones.

This Woman is the truth! ...the total package and i'm so blessed to have her down for the book. We posted up in front of the same house that her father Ernest grew up in and we locked down some pretty stellar shots.Young, beautiful, hella motivated & extremely talented, Melina shine's so bright as one bad ass mc with incredible soul.

you can purchase her music on itunes or here as well.

These are some non-book related shots i took of her that i ran a LR2 holga process over on the fly.

And For those that live in the bay area

Melina, Richie Cunning and Ren the vinly archaeologist are opening for Trevor Traynor

Trevor is a dope ass photog who i dig and you should mos def check his work!

here's the flyer for the show so you know where to be and i'll see ya there



much love