Peace everyone!

This past week has been a little hectic and i haven't had a chance to get a post in but, now i'm back to fill you guys in on what's been new in the last few days.

First of all i want to thank Ethan Parsonage for allowing me the time to grab some shots and kick with me a bit. Ethan aka "headnod" of the crown city rockers is a wealth of talent that includes spinning, killin the bass , mixing , mastering and producing some of the illest tracks this side of the Mason Dixon line. He's worked with some pretty inspirational folks including Moe Pope Ladybug Mecca, Gift of Gab, Raashan Ahmad and  DJ Shadow to drop a few names, Aside all of that he's a great guy and i had a ridiculously fun time takin the shots. I posted 1 or 2 on my portfolio section as well you can check.

Thanks again Ethan!


This past Saturday night i was invited to show at Left Space in San Francisco. This is all thanks to the very talented Leo Docuyanan who i finally got the chance to meet and chop it up with about future photo projects and life as photographers in general. Leo is featured in the first issue of MoHoly Ground a non-profit publishing house that supports bay area artists. The reason this particular event went down was to raise funds to keep it afloat in these tough times. I want to give big shouts to John Mc Coy and Jeff Bostic for havin me as well , i was honored to show along side so many talented folks like Tiffany Eng, Mia Walker, Katy Vawter and Gabe Wheeler. Another dope artist that i would like to mention is Berlin Tomas who's work is insane, you can check him out at

Also to everyone who came out to support me as well!

you know who you are and can't thank you enough

I don't have any images from the show but, i'm sure Leo will post some soon on his flickr

Last but not least i went to Dub Mission last night at ElboRoom to enjoy the company of good friends and great music provided by Roy 2000, DJ Quest, K flay , DJ Sep and Kat O1O. Thank you as always Crystal :)

Roy 2000

Cikee and Mikey Boo

DJ Sep

K Flay

DJ Quest

There was a ton of other running around that i did this past week that completely wore me out and right now i need to get some serious sleep on.

Hoping to catch a plane back home this month to see the family and grab some photos to finally finish the book! Won't that be the day when i actually finish this thing!

i'm out!