This post might be a little long and i might drop alot of names and ramble on a bit but, i had such a great time and feel so blessed to have experienced it all that it's definitely in order.

4 hours into my train ride i met a very sweet girl from Switzerland named Florence.We got to talking about her and me and our lives and before i knew it we were at Union station.It's beautiful how life works and how people will come into it and change it forever.Me and Flo were both headed to LA and both got on at Jack London, her hostel was in Inglewood and the tinytoones event was in inglewood as well.We swapped numbers and spent the following morning and afternoon wandering around downtown Los Angeles enjoying the sun, the people and each others company.Flo was basically backpacking through the US and i was just in town for two days so , when my time came to go to the event i had to say goodbye and we went our separate ways. I told her about wanting to leave the country and how i felt like i had a purpose abroad and she agreed.I think she might have been in my book of life for a reason. I would love to re-connect with her one day again on another train years from now and tell her all about how she inspired me along with all my stories and adventures. Flo if these words ever grace your eyes sight i just want to thank you again sincerely for being my buddy for a night and a day and i am forever thankful for meeting you!

Just like so many others she didn't like her picture being taken but, you know me !

i snuck one good one in while she was looking for her bus map :)

Two buses later and a walk down Crenshaw i arrived at Chuco's justice center where TinyToones were performing the last show of their US tour. I can't explain how much love i took in that night , it was incredible to say the least. I am so blessed to have met June at the time that i did and even know i have never met him i have alot of love for the founder of tinytoones KK. Please if you can check the website and help out with any donations it would mean a great deal to myself and to all the children. I arrived back in Oakland Monday night and Tuesday afternoon i received a call from my new friend Leng who told me that the tinytoones kids had a layover and were stuck at SFO until Wednesday morning!

So, me and Leng both went to pick them up and bring them back to my house so they could get some much needed sleep until their flight the following day. It was a little overwhelming having so many people in my tiny place at one time but, i was so glad that i could help them out with a place to stay. I also had the great opportunity of meeting tinytoones admin director Lisa Ho and finding out that she and the very talented photographer Jen May were good friends. I have been a fan of Jen's for quite some time now and wish i had introduced myself at the Inglewood event. Jen did an incredible job of covering it and even did a dope little video that you can check out on her blog. I wish i had done half as good of a job with my photos as she did that night and after seeing hers i am almost embarrassed to post mine but, without saying anymore here they are.....  oh and i posted a short video of the kids gettin busy here

Afterwards i met up with Tik (thank you kelly!) and hung out with her and her friend grace as she was kind enough to drive all the way across town to Inglewood to pick me up and take me out for drinks, laughs and much needed Mexican food!

I know i say it all the time but, i just feel more blessed than i have ever felt in my life recently and i can't help but say it constantly!


Thank you to everyone again and again and i love that you are in my book of life and you are in mine as well.