So, i haven't posted much during or since i got back from my east coast visit and the reason being is that my Oakland job has kept me playing "catch up " since i got back but, i am basically stuck at the house this weekend so it gives me the chance to work on the images i brought back with me. I had a fantastic time being back again and this time around i was fortunate enough to kick it with some folks i haven't seen in over a decade which was quite nice. I Spent moments with good friends and family and i wish i had more time to do all the things i cant do 3,000 miles away. Grabbed some shots to finish off my book and i want to thank Dinyel, Kelly, Rocco, Gia, Gus and Jeff for being a part of my life as well as my short visit home. I'll be posting more very soon on here as well as flickr and as much as it saddens me that i might not be back there for a long time , i know i must do what i have to do in order to make things right in my heart.

Here are some shots fired near Rittenhouse Square in Center City Philadelphia June of 09'

plenty more to come as always

love life