Now this right here is a first for my blog and it's something i never thought i would post because it has nothing at all to do with photography. I somehow find it ok to blog it at this very moment and will probably regret it later but, i grew up a Nintendo kid what can i say ?. By no means am i "mr super into video games" but, i rock a PS3 and still find the same enjoyment playing it as i did when i was dodging oil in spy hunter or snakes in pit fall.

With all that being said i'm kinda excited about this little action game developed by A2M interestingly entitled "Wet" . It hasn't been released yet but, i look forward to gettin some game time in when it does.

Awkward post i know but, i have grown to appreciate cinematography alot more recently and i think that this game possesses some kick ass imagery and cinematic crazyness!

Below are some insane stills courtesy of IGN.COM and Rubi is her name.


It's nice to post something different from time to time