I woke today, something was missing and i didn't know. I showered and dressed , drove some and worked some , made calls , grabbed some lunch. I dropped off some film and paid some bills , thought about so many in my life , and those who are not , called my mom. Listened to some Rea & Christian , a little Annie Lennox , read for a bit , cleaned up the place. Went out for some dinner and sipped me a brew , said a prayer , strolled down 40 blocks of East 14th, Opened and closed my shutter ,  made some strangers new friends. spell checked , attached and sent , enjoyed the moon over Oakland and cold night air through my windowless automobile , helped a stranded Basketball player jumpstart his car, Linked with a good friend and met yet another soon to be , heard the sweetest voice on my cellular, made some tea , watched a flick i had never seen , couldn't sleep , scanned the first photo i ever took of her and low and behold it is now the day after yesterday and i found what was missing.


This sort of things happens from time to time i suppose.