I've recieved some email responses on behalf of the purchasing of the book and basically i wanted to break it down from my perspective.

This project took 5 months and a tremendous amount of time and work to complete. Working with so many peoples schedules, driving back and fourth across the bay to meet with people,countless hours on the computer going thru thousands of photos, editing, resizing, emailing, phonecalls, missed appointments ect...

Now i think that Blurb does a great job with their books and they just stepped up the commercial quality of the pages with 100lb silk-finish premium paper. When you break down the cost of each page in the book , it's about 1.50 per page and If i were to grab any of those prints ,frame it out and throw it on a gallery wall for sale there's a good chance that i would sell it for more than 2 dollars (<---sarcasm). Basically your getting quality finish at an affordable price.

There are 3 styles you can order:

1. Softcover = 39.95

2. Hardcover w/ dust jacket = 59.95 (which i recommend because of some additional images on the jacket)

3. Hardcover imagewrap = 67.95

I also wanted to post some images from the pages you can't see unless you purchase the book and list the incredible people inside from start to finish.

Caught In The Scramble Vol .2 "Inspire"

In order of appearence:


E Da Boss   Chris Granillo


Amanda Lopez   Malcom Marshall


DJ Quest   Miguel Ortega


Max MacVeety   Brian Advincula


Jumakae   Zumbi   Leng Phe


Ali Wong   Kiwi   Headnod


Watani Fennell   Nick Andre   Ben Stolorow


Bamuthi   Zoneil Maharaj   Gia Milanese


K Flay   Vanae Tran   Wordup


Leah Weitz   Sabac Red   Angelica Garde


Carlo Medina   Matt Walsh   Denny Prokopos


Candi Martinez   Regina Jackson   Kat Ouano


Anana Scott   Natalie Yeager   Dinyel McBride


Tommy Occhiuto   Jamar Seay   Jeff Intong


Erika Lawrence   Roy 2000   Woodstock


Jenn Porreca   Mike Boo


Tim House   Jackie Anderson


DJ Shredone   Amy Occhiuto


Amp Live   Stephanie Stolorow


Melina Jones   Jenni Tay


Trevor   Crystal Davis


Marlina Contreras   Christopher Rocco