Somehow someway i have never posted about these two photographers that i truly admire.

First we got Jacob Schere "aka" M2C who pumps out some of the most memorable images i've ever seen of Japan. You can read up on him and check his work out at Lucid Communication Dot Com and make sure you check his design work as well. He's been shooting alot lately and posting so much i'm having a hard time keeping up with his blog!. (his aug 11th post with the golden rope is insanity!)

Then we got Trevor Christian "aka" Bones at Roam And Click Dot Com . This former San Franciscan shooter is also one of the only people i have ever gone out on a photo excursion with. His passion for vibrant color reflects in every pixel per square inch and i'm very glad to know this individual. These days you can find bones banging out shots from the streets of Burlington Vermont and back up to the haystacks of Charlotte. I hope to link up with them both sooner than later cause they are a very strong influence to my work and how i see the world around me.


The images below i should have posted awhile ago but, luckily everyone who was there that day pretty much posted them on the nets already!

I was recently intoduced to some pretty incredible people and i'm very happy to be in thier company.

Here are some links of those incredible folks:

The Park           

DJ Whooligan

40 Love