Alot been goin as the days and months pass by and i feel as if i haven't been taking the time to give the proper credit to the artists i have been blessed to work with and  surrounded by. Those who grant me opportunity and help me grow as an artist and as a person i thank you. Jenni Tay , Amanda Lopez and the crits from The Park , Derek Taylor , Josh Lippi and Ben Schwier others like Wonway Posibul , 40 LOVE  , The Whooligan , Melissa Fuller , ThinkBeat Radio , E Da Boss , Nino Moschella , Keelay & Zaire , Ragen Fykes , Grown Kids Radio , K Flay Novena Carmel , Steve Wyreman , Nate Mercereau , Crown City Rockers , Lee Bob Watson , Jessie Boykins III , Melina Jones and so many more

I wanna let you know that i am greatful to know you and have become that much better of a person because of it. I'm quite the anti-social and my words or expressions don't always come out the way i mean them to so please don't hold that against me. I've got love for those good people and i want all to know.

Here are some snaps i took last weekend of Zumbi  from the legendary Zoin I Crew . Make sure to check the website for Amp Live's latest remixes along with show dates and the new boxset The Alpha .