*Rafa & Diggs


*Max / Divinci 415 / Chukwudi / Dion


Since i moved to Oakland , there have been a few artists that i really wanted to work with. Rafael Casal
& Daveed Diggs of The GetBack were most definitely at the top of the list. I knew of 
Rafael's poetry on Russell simmon's years ago and thru my friend Marlina Contreras i discovered
more of what Rafa & Diggs were doing as The GetBack. Needless to say..i'm honored
to have been a small part of an ongoing "GetLive" project, shooting some stills,
assisting in various media any way i can. Big thanks to everyone there for making me feel at home

and i hope to be involved with future GetLive sessions!

Here are some stills from the other day, as well as some links to the talented folks involved !

The GetBack Crew

Chinaka Hodge

Dion Decibels

38th Notes



Factor Boi

Davinci 415

Nio Tha Gift

Nathan Lee