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I wanted to blog a lil' something about a good friend and fellow photographer by the name of

Watani Fennell

I discovered his work years back and have been fortunate enough to kick it with him on a few occasions.

He's a san jose based shooter and i'm hella glad i know this cat, very good eye and quite the inspiration.

His site is up and ready for your eyes, so go check him out!

Thanks homie, see ya soon!


here's a few snaps from saturday while out in chinatown with the homie E Da Boss of grown kids radio.



Rose Country

More grabs from my Portland escape




Enforced / 40 Love

Sco waterfront Dec 09'

En La noche

Check that new track "Vendetta" by the Bay Area homies 40 Love !

<a href="">Vendetta by 40Love</a>

 Tiene un buen dia ya'll!





Jenni and I were searching out snowboards for this weekends Tahoe trip and found out that they are having a snowboard design contest.

I own a 2005 arbor formula 48 and i love what the Venice California based snowboard company is all about.

So, i went ahead and submitted a Photo design for a board. Arbor always shows the bamboo wood on their boards and also the trademark tree logo as well.

If you guys could help me out a bit and simply sign up for account here at REI and then click here for arbor's contest page and click here to view and vote for my submission.

First prize is the board with my artwork on it!!! 

Please take the time to sign up and vote for your homie JJC , you can vote up until 1/10/10

here's a look at what you would be voting for



Here are Some clicks from yesterday in the mission.

Caught in the scramble vol. 3 is up and available on

you can view it and purchase here.

I highly recommend picking it up, it is the best book i've thrown together thus far

Have a great week everyone