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Jenn Porreca 2013


it's been roughly 4 years since i've seen my good friend Jenn Porreca and even longer since i photographed her. We both had no idea that we were living in Los Angeles until I ran into her at a gallery show last week.We linked up this past wednesday to shoot & talk about her 1st solo show in San Francisco.

Man i'm excited for her! She's beyond talented and it's crazy how we both have come such a long way since the early days in the bay area. 

If your currently in the San Fran / Bay Area , you gotta go check this show out and show her love!

Love In Absentia

will be on exhibit from March 2 to April 15 at Luna Rienne Gallery,

3318 22nd Street near Valencia in San Francisco. 

The opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 2, from 6PM until 9PM.

For further information, please contact Olivia Ongpin,, or 415.647.5888.

Visit the gallery online here:

Find out more about Jenn Porreca here:

Also check out the articles at

Thank you Jenn!

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Oakland Rain Redux Stills

3 years ago i made a very short video entitled "Oakland Rain" and since i put that out i have been wanting to make a revised version of it. Here are some stills from the soon to be released project as well as the original i did in 2008'


1,000,000 Worth Of Twang

Mercereau Album Cover FRONT 1600.jpg
Mercereau Album Cover BACK 2600.jpg

Last month the incredibly talented Nate Mercereau hit me up to shoot the cover for his new solo project entitled " 1,000,000 Worth Of Twang " and with the help of the homie Spl:ntr on the design work it's a wrap & ready for your ears!

cruise on over to Nate's Bandcamp and download the album for $6!

Huge thanks to Steve & Nate

2011 TI Festival

Some 35mm grabs from last year's Treasure Island festival

TI 2011 1600.jpg
TI 2011 3600.jpg
TI 2011 2600.jpg
TI 2011 4600.jpg