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Mr Incomplete Stills

Here are some stills from the soon to be released video "Mr Incomplete" by Headnodic Featuring horns from the incredible Jazz Mafia. The Album Red Line Radio will be available July 26th but, in the meantime head over to and check his latest mixtape, his work with the Mighty Underdogs , Jern Eye, Mo Pope and many more....

Frame Of Mind Vol.1 Screen Shots


Jenni Tay


Trevor Traynor

Leo Docuyanan

Amanda Lopez


 "Frame Of Mind" is a small side project I’ve been working on for the past several months incorporating people I respect and who inspire me to create. By no means am I attempting to be an interviewer or a filmmaker , It's tough though, cause at times i feel like another one of those random people who picks up a DSLR and starts shooting video, having never learned how to photograph with it first. I am a street photographer plain & simple and as the compact HD video revolution continues, i struggle with whether or not i have the right to do video without proper understanding of what most people with these cameras ignore. Codecs, perceptual compression,transcoding, layering, inverse telecine, audio levs, please focus on the peoples words and thoughts and not the video/audio work, the idea was to help the viewers and myself learn a bit more about the people, which might not have been possible with a still image.
Knowing how to capture, edit, and post process HD video is very valuable these days but, i have always felt that the still image reigns supreme and holds more value than any frames per second could.


I'll be launching Vol.1 Part.1 this Friday, featuring Jenni Tay, and while shooting for Vol.2 (may-june) i will release  Amanda's,Trevor's,Eric's & Leo's.

stay tuned 

Low Life Motion Visuals

 Here is The LowLife Motion Visual Video i created along side Trevor Traynor while he shot his new photo series entitled "LOWLIFE"

The show was a great sucess and i'm honored to be a part

Big shout to the homie Richie Cunning for the beat

Much thanks to Trevor - everyone at Cukui in San Jose (Orly - Jason - Meesh - Steve & all the lowrider & bike crews)

And to Miss Amanda Lopez for all the hard work and help with the show!!!


Frame of Mind Round 1

Here is a short for the first group of "frame of mind" interviews i've been workin on.

Created by John Coyne

Please view fullscreen




J-Pop Summit 2010

Much thanks to Leo Docuyanan, John McCoy, Moholy Ground, New People, Jinny Oops! & Hopie Spitshard.
I had a blast.


Lapse Stills

Some stills from the lapse i haven't finished yet.



Self Doc

Some stills from my self documentary

have a nice weekend everybody