It's been exactly a month since i have posted something and it's definitely not like me at all, my apologies to all my readers out there.

I've been working super hard at the 9-5 as previously posted and shooting a lot less then i would like to but, nonetheless i have some new ish for everyone. I wanna give thanks to those out there who have put me on their map and those that have offered to in the future. Big ups as usual to The Park for allowing me to cover the filming of the La Pena event back in early April. Thanks to the homie Young Haitti for allowing me to Film for the video "Poplife" and to The Jealous Guys  for giving me props & for our future projects. Also HUGE shouts to The Moholy Ground Crew for putting me up in their very first issue.

John McCoy, Leslie Henderson, Sunny Angulo, Tej Virdi, Leo Docuyanan, Juanita Bruton, Ricardo Cruz, Brian Ferrera, Jeff Bostic, Gabe Wheeler & Monique Low

There's alot of things i would like to write about since last post , cause alot can happen in a month and i will soon but, for now some of those images i'm know best for.